RV Living Full Time Australia

Wow where to start? Everybody’s journey starting point is different. I know ours kind of came out of the blue! Now we all think of the carefree life on the road, but golly it sure wasn’t carefree or stress free for us getting to the point of RV Living Full Time Australia. What about you? How did you decide? Please let me know, I’m interested.

RV Living Full Time Australia


RV Living Full Time Australia

The start for us was half tongue in cheek, as Mick’s’ aunt had just bought a motorhome. Upgrading from a caravan and she said “Do you want to sell up and travel around Australia.”
Initially it was a joke, but it really didn’t take long before we were serious about doing just this. Why not, we were both 40 and we weren’t living life anymore. We were just existing, and our health wasn’t the best outlook long-term. After much talking we are hopeful that the fresh air, friendly people, the landscape, the less stress and better lifestyle, We hope will add years to our lives. So here we are. RV Living Full Time Australia, coming up to 5 months now. We are still getting ourselves and our motorhome sorted and adjusted for this new way of life!

The stress of selling the house, placing our things we think we want to keep into storage. Looking and trying to find the home on wheels that would be just right for us. Initially we went for a Hino Rainbow. We did her up, and did some little trips in her while still settling the house. But realistically it just was not what we would be happy with. So we started looking again!!!!

Choosing An RV

OMG seriously there are so many makes of RVs out there….. What was the main sell point for you when you went looking for your home on wheels?

Space and reliability was ours, space so everything has its right place to live and space so we don’t feel like we are constantly on top of each other! Having room to move is something you can have in a RV. This is why we decided on a Swagman, she is 15 years old only had 1 owner and is in amazing condition.
It feels like each day we are learning something new, whether it be with our motorhome or just within us ourselves, and how we are so far handling this new way of living.

Having already bought and sold a trailer to tow behind the motorhome, and already been back to storage once to grab a few extra things, mostly winter gear which was the plan anyway, and we’ve done some upgrading to our home on wheels, to make sure she is ready for RV Living Full Time Australia.

Don’t fall into the trap of the wow factor of the motorhome itself. Yes it needs to have a great inside, after all it will be your home. Remember though it is on either a car chassis or truck chassis. You are in love with the make of motorhome itself but remember to look at what’s under it. It needs reliability, A mechanically sound vehicle. As we all know Australia has harsh country out there and the last thing you want is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

RV Living Full Time Around Australia

Ok so we have gone over the checklists. We have made sure the vehicle is ready. Pretty sure we have everything we think we need inside the motorhome. Now just each and everyday making sure we are ready, because no 2 days are the same when living on the road full-time, well so far for us it hasn’t been, which has been great! I love that there is no real schedule, or set in stone routine. With no more boring life, each day is new and different, each day the possibilities are endless.

Right now for both of us every day is a great day, and one that we are not going to waste; we want to learn so much about where we are going and what we see plus learning daily many tricks to make life easier when RV Living Full Time Australia.

Hope to meet as many friendly fellow travelers along our new journey, share experiences, and enjoy life and live! Check out our Hervey Bay adventure.

Let us know your story, and the highs and lows of RV Living Full Time Australia that you’ve encountered so together we can learn along our travels.


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