RV Living Full Time Around Australia

Well the next exciting part of our RV Living full time around Australia sets in.

Having said goodbye Queensland and hello Northern Territory.

Swaggy…. Oh how her colours match! Welcome to NT.

How excited were we once we saw this sign! We’ve made it at last!

RV Living Full Time Around Australia NT

Northern Territory Adventures

As per the normal, we had to stop like so many travelers have done so and take a photo! Mick did a great job in getting Swaggy under the sign, and it wasn’t until we looked back on our photos. That we saw the great colour match with the dirt, sign and colour of our girl!
Jump over to our RV Vlog page. Because I’ve posted the video I did there as well.

It feels like no going back now, this is really it. This is our way of life now. RV living full time around Australia. We are about to undertake our Northern Territory Adventures! Well a little bit anyways.

Having never been in the Northern Territory before. We are both excited and happy. That we are on this journey together.

Driving along we are amazed at how the scenic views aren’t really what we thought they would be. Not sure what we thought it would be like but not like what we are seeing! It’s so funny how the termite nests keep us entertained as we drive along!


RV Living Full Time Around Australia

 A radio tower site, set back off the road was our first campsite in the NT . One other RV was there when we arrived, and another came in later that night.
Not much to really see here except some beautiful wild lavender growing as well as wattle!RV living full time around australia charlie in baby socks
Oh my the ants that live here! Thousands of the little buggers. So many that I had to protect Charlie’s paws, from them somehow. Lucky I had some “baby socks” I’d bought to try out for him. They worked a treat!
Next morning we headed to Barkly Homestead for fuel, then kept on with our travels. Getting closer to Alice Springs – less than 500kms to go.
Our Northern Territory Adventures I hope will be lots of fun, teaching us lots of things. We can’t wait to learn as much as we can.

Our next rest stop was at Taylor Creek Rest stop which is approx 35kms north of Barrow Creek. Another lovely free campsite which as you know is what we prefer to do. There were plenty of RVers set up here, and the vibe was great, everyone is just so relaxed and laid back! (That’s saying alot, because we are as well).
A lovely place this, one with the sounds of cattle in the backgrounds and as most campsites we’ve camped at, a beautiful sunset to help relax everyone. Another huge plus is they supply you with free firewood here plus a very clean drop toilet! How cool is that… These plus lots of rubbish bins, made our stay here a very pleasant one at that.


Approaching Alice Springs

Setting out again the next day, we aren’t sure just how far we will get. But that’s fine because we aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere anymore!
RV living full time around Australia big man walkWe check our fuel and aim to stop at Ti Tree for a top up. Always keeping an eye on fuel levels. If we get a head wind it consumes more fuel. So have to make sure we keep topped up at all times.

After our fuel stop and even before I’m scrambling to try and take some decent photos as we drive along. At “Big Man Walk” at Aileron I did manage to snap a few photos.

This is such beautiful countryside, I’ve shared more photos on our Instagram page.

Aileron is located about an hour north of Alice Springs. On the Stuart highway. Aileron Roadhouse is situated About 135kms north of Alice Springs.

Here you can top up with fuel, grab supplies or even down a cold one at the local bar. There is a art gallery and a caravan park should you need to rest up.

Situated either side of Aileron are Free camping sites. And are easy to find.

We continued on from here making our way to Alice Springs. We chose a nice clean free camp site about 30kms north of Alice Springs on the stuart highway. It is only a small roadside stop so i would suggest arriving early. Having said that everyone who wished to stay managed to fit in.

The free camping site has two toilets and a mobile phone reception booster point.

The next morning after a refreshing comfortable sleep we hit the road again. RV living full time around Australia.

Alice Springs here we come!

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  1. August 31, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    I absolutely love RV’ing! It’s me + my hubby’s dream to buy one + travel around the US! Love that you’re doing this in Australia + it looks like you’re having an absolute blast! Can’t wait to see the adventures the Northern Territory brings!

  2. August 31, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous adventure!

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