Road Trip Gold Coast

Quick road trip Gold Coast, now I say a quick road trip Gold Coast as it’s only 850 kms away! But for us as we both love driving. So it really isn’t that far, plus with the CB radios we can chat while we drive.
Road Trip Gold Coast RVSo the next morning we pack up and head off for our road trip Gold Coast. We leave around lunch time. Mick upfront in Swaggy and Charlie and I driving Black Pearl.

We were both eager to see family, and were focused on driving. So not that much chit chatter for the first part of the drive. Plus we were able to take in the scenery and wildlife a little more.
With our regular stops for coffee we decided to keep going till we got the other side of Goondiwindi. Where we drove through town and stopped for the night at a truck stop I found on ‘wikicamps’. Besides the smell of a cattle trucks that had been there before, it was a nice safe place to sleep the night.
With dinner done and Charlie walked it’s time for sleep.

Road Trip Gold Coast

We are both excited about seeing family again soon. So like us, we wake early and head off once again. Beautiful scenic views and feeling great, we pull over at a Roadhouse at Warwick. Where sadly we discover that the trailer isn’t going to make the rest of the trip. Snapped A-frame, Dam bugger oh crap really. So we jump on the phone to our good mate, Steve from All Coast Towing Gold Coast and luckily he likes us and he sends a truck out to pick up the trailer. It’s only about 3 hour drive from the Gold Coast to us at Warwick.

So we unload the trailer and we find room to put everything in the back end of the Pearl. With only some stuff having to go into the Swaggy side storage bins.
With the knowledge that we have us a tow truck on its way, I go see the staff at the roadhouse and tell them a truck is coming to collect the trailer. And away we go once again after a two  hour delay. We still plan on making it to the Gold Coast, just after lunch time.

Priceless Moments

Everyone should be home when we turn up. Because it is hard to check and make sure without giving our appending arrival away. So by chance we turned up, and nobody heard the Swaggy pull up out the front, nor me in the car. I walk up to the lounge room window and stand there. Until out of the corner of someone’s eye. I get seen. A squeal of delight and a leap from the chair. I had them running out to greet us! Biggest hugs tightest hugs – gotta love family!

Repairs, upgrades & added extras

Well besides seeing family. We are going to get  a few things attended to on our home, Swaggy. As well as now getting the trailer fixed. So off we head to our mates at Coastline RV where the team already know us from previous work they have done for us. Road Trip Gold Coast
Lucky they like us so much, because they saw lots of us over the next few weeks. And the work that has been done on our home is fantastic! New lights inside and out, new drop down table on the outside, new driving lights and clearance lights all around the outside of Swaggy. They installed a 12v fan in bedroom, a new 12v evakool fridge, three new 12v deep cycle batteries and new and better lights in the bathroom so it’s easier to put makeup on! LOL.

Got some rust work done on the arse end of the old girl. New toilet cassette, serviced the tv aerial, installed a 12 volt plug for the tv in bedroom. With a usb charging point for two devices. I have to say that after spending almost 4 weeks with the staff there, they have become our second Gold Coast family.
I feel at times we spent more time with the staff then we did with our real family.

Hitting The Road Again

Well what was to be a 2 week stay at the GC. Ended up being a 6 week stay. OMG how we are both missing the road. Now I know this may sound silly as we haven’t been On the road for that long. But geez we are missing the freedom and the fresh air, open spaces, and feeling more relaxed.
We really were not meant to just exist in a 9 to 5 world, there is so much more out there we just need to take a chance and life the dream.
So that’s my cue to wrap up our time on the GC. It is time for us to move on out and keep rv living around Australia.
So see you out there.

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