Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Ranges


Off we head to go explore the Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Ranges, stopping at some free camp sites along the way.


Everyone has told us how beautiful the area is. So to find out and see for ourselves we are off. The weather isn’t that fantastic, with grey clouds and showers. But anyhow it still should be a great trip.


Free camping Along the Way


I planned for us to camp at Point Howard Lookout, which is 80kms west of Alice Springs on the Namatjira Dr. So glad we did as it was stunning. Why rush our journey to Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range, we prefer to take our time and enjoy the drive, that’s what living on the road full time is all about after all!cat and charlie point howard lookout near Ormiston Gorge


The views were lovely, and the grounds were rather large, great for RVs from tents, vans & big rigs! With picnic tables and 2 bbqs and shelter this makes a great place to free camp. There is some water here, though it states no suitable for drinking, but if really needed, it would do for shower, dishes and flushing of the loo!


There were a few other campers there as well, oh it states 24hr camping, and no signs to say no dogs allowed, so yes folks you can travel through here and bring your pets! Keeping on a leash though.


Even though it was overcast the sunset views were spectacular to say the least. And lots of great photo opportunities of the views.


Sadly, there was a bit of rubbish around, though there are no excuses for it as there are at least 5 bins there all with lids, we are seeing that this a common assurance which is just sad and can be off putting for other travelers.

Jump over to YouTube to check out our walk around this campsite.


A shower of rain at night was refreshing for the morning. Breakfast had, Charlie walked, and vlog done. It is now time to jump back into Swaggy and head for Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range.


Ormiston Gorge


No music playing as we head further west. As we are just in Orr of what we are seeing as we drive along. Seriously this is just wow factor views!

Nice sealed roads and views all around, we are getting the feeling that this place should be something special.


Ormiston GorgeWith it being Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range, National Park, Charlie will be staying in Swaggy at all times whilst we are here, so before we enter we stop for a toilet break for him.


Yes, the sky is grey, and the temp sitting at 17 degrees but we see that as great walking conditions, as we won’t get too hot!!!!!


Here at Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range, there is a camping site, small fee as its in the National Park, a kiosk so you can grab a bite to eat and coffee. There are detailed maps of the area and the walks you can do. Varying in length and time and abilities, some are 4 days, some with a guide, or some easier ones that are great for the day tripper! Regardless of which walk you do, you will be surrounded by 400-million-year-old views and some of the best views you will see.


We choose to only do a short walk, as it was raining and ground was slippery, also there was filming of an Australian TV show happening so we kept our distance! Though we have a lovely vlog and slide show up on YouTube of the area that we walked and the spectacular views seen.


Standing at the top of a lookout\viewing platform we really felt rather small and young! 400-million-year-old ranges and scenic views, like really I can’t complain of my age of 41 anymore :0

Such a magical place this is. Stand still and taking it all in, really feel at peace with everything. And I, Cat really feel so small and almost insignificant while standing where I’m surrounded by such history and 400-million-year-old ranges.

Seeing families walking and hearing the excitement of children when they see the views was cute. Everybody we came across absolutely enjoyed the walks and the views. Why wouldn’t you!


We are so fortunate to be traveling full time around Australia, and are so appreciative of this beautiful country we live in and the amazing backyard we have here. This is why we share our backyard with you, so you can enjoy what Australia has to offer.



Heading Back to Alice Springs


After a magnificent time walking and sightseeing at Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range we decided to start heading back to Alice Springs, though we decide to once again stay the night at a free camp site, this time we stay at Neil Hargrave Lookout campgrounds, which is approx 30kms east of Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range. Again spectacular views, yes still grey skies and showers, of and lovely wind gusts of 35kms\hr!


Again this campsite is a popular one, with approx 5 RVs set up for the night.

Picnic tables, BBQ’s, water, clean bins and firewood delivered daily.  An area for tents to set up. This campground suits every type of RV traveler.


It’s so nice to walk around these grounds and chat with other travelers. Hearing their stories and where they are from & where they are going!


With it becoming rather windy overnight. I was up early to see if I could get a sunrise photo from here. But no chance. Though luckily for 2 lovely Swedish backpackers we were up. As their battery went flat in car, and they needed a helping hand.  At this point we were great full for the downward drive out. As it helped out heaps when we helped by pushing and jump starting their car for them.

Always be ready to assist another traveler on the road. So with the car going, off they went to continue on their travels around.


So back to Swaggy we go to get our day under way and keep heading back to Alice Springs.


In Closing

We have to say. That we are thankful we listened to others. And went for the drive out to Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range. It certainly is a special piece of Australia’s history. To be able to get around to these old and historic sites we are grateful for. As I personally don’t think the town of Alice Springs has heaps to see and do. The surrounding ranges certainly make this a place to come and visit. After seeing Ormiston Gorge/West MacDonnell Range, after a few days back at Alice Springs. We are now getting ready to go explore the east ranges.


For directions and a free map of the west MacDonnell ranges and Ormiston Gorge visit here!


Till then, be good, be safe. “Stop Existing and Start Living”

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