Nindigully Free Camping

Driving along the road 5 km’s out from Nindigully free camping spot.  I go in front of Mick And the Swaggy, to find the turn into town.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. All around me on the road were over 1000 cattle droving. I haven’t seen this since I was a child, so like an excited child I jumped on the radio to inform Mick.

also to warn him of them of course. The last thing we want is to run into wildlife let alone domestic animals.

Upon our arrival at the oldest longest running pub in Qld. And the town with the population of only 6, we are greeted with more cattle droving down by the river, pictures are in our travel gallery!

Nindigully Free CampingNindigully free camping

Many campers set up here, and everyone is just so friendly. Loads of room at Nindigully free camping, but it does fill up, very popular spot. There is a dump point and clean near new toilets. Showers are free at Nindigully pub, However there is a donation piggy bank on the bar. The staff at the pub are helpful and nice.
We stayed here for a week, and we were lucky enough to be there when there was a campdraft and rodeo on. Which was fantastic as Mick had never seen one up close or in real life. So of cause we went and had a fun night! It was a blast with riders traveling from all over the country and the locals just make you feel right at home. What an experience.

Many travellers stop over here at Nindigully free camping, and this makes for a wonderful atmosphere, even catching up with people we meet while camped at St George!


Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Free Camping Nindigully PubThis little place in the middle of nowhere has a great vibe to it; it really is, a must see place to visit. Also for those who are movie buffs, it’s the town where ‘Paperback Hero’ was set and filmed. Nindigully even has some remains of the movie set here.

Stay in touch with what’s happening at Nindigully pub via their facebook page. click here.

It’s always hard to leave a place like Nindigully, but as always we must move on. Though I can guarantee you that we will be back here one day.
Load up, and moving out ~ Bollon via St George here we come!


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