Motorhome Road Trip

Heading to St George on our Motorhome road trip.

With the sea breeze behind us we drive to Maryborough
2 days of getting organised and planning for our drive out to St George.

Whilst in town we go for a drive around town, WOW such a small township but there are 5 supermarkets so there is plenty of choice as to where to stock up supplies, and a trip to Bunnings is always a must!
For a nice treat we headed off to the movies where by fluke we had the whole cinema to ourselves, what a romantic evening out on the town that was. Mick couldn’t have planned it better if he tried!

Motorhome Road Trip Cotten Bale

Cotten Bale

Motorhome Road Trip

Now after recharging and organising we set off bright and early. 0400 to our next destination, though we know the end will be St George but even after we plan we just never know what will happen. Or where we may end up along the way.

First stop off is Kingaroy, for fuel and coffee! Two of the most important supplies for us!
Now we are fuelled up we keep on with our motorhome road trip to Dalby. Along the way we come across paddocks of cotton. Most of the crops have been stripped and bailed, but still some were full. It is for sure and certain a beautiful site to see.

I have always loved driving past the cotton after it’s been stripped it brings back happy memories of when I was a young girl.
Driving into Dalby we pulled over for lunch and chat to make sure we are both traveling well.
Going through town we almost pulled over for the local show, but instead we decided to keep going a little further to set up camp, which at this point in time we aren’t 100% certain of where that will be yet.
I went ahead on this leg of the trip to look at the Rest Area Campground at Kumbarilla, to check if the Swagman plus trailer would easily fit in, but when we got there we saw that Moonie crossroads was only 40kms down the road so off we went to Moonie.

Moonie sleep over

Motorhome Road Trip Moonie Sleep Over

Moonie Oil Rig

The Crossroads….. Intersection of Goondiwindi, Miles, Dalby and St George.

Many years ago, Moonie was where the first oil drilling rig was in Queensland. Once oil drilling went into full swing the area boomed!

So here at beautiful Moonie we stayed, it was lovely and rather peaceful even though we were opposite a service centre.

After a great sleep, we go out checking out the town!! Not that there is much here nowadays. But in old times it was a very important town. So we read and took pictures that are up in the gallery and then after breakfast we packed up and headed off once again.





Motorhome Road Trip To St George Queensland


We aim to get there and chill. Check out the town. But firstly where are we going to set up camp?

So as we approach St George I take the lead and go ahead to guide Mick and swaggy into the dump point. Which is out near the river and the showground.
On no camping sites did we see that you could camp at the showground. Yet as we drive past, there is a sign, so we call and only because of the big rig size, set up that we have.

We were allowed to camp at the showground! Fantastic.
Water, showers, toilets plenty of space what more could you want? Nothing!
We ended up with neighbours and boy they were the nicest couple. We have met on the road thus far.

There dog is huge it is a blood hound, called zak. He drinks 20 litres of water per day.
Days spent fishing, walking, sightseeing and washing both the Swaggy and Black Pearl. And reorganizing the trailer so things don’t fall all over the place!
Well time had come for us to pack up and move on once again, this time we are heading to… Nindigully.


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