Motorhome Living

Having arrived back on the Gold Coast 6 weeks ago. We certainly did spend more time there then we wanted to. But things needed to be done. So we got things done. Now it was most definitely time to start motorhome living again. And hit the road. Though this time we are not driving the Swaggy and Black Pearl, or towing the trailer. We are now traveling together with myself riding in the Swaggy alongside Mick. As we planned and wanted to from the start. No point traveling around this great country if we can’t enjoy it together.

Motorhome Living

Leaving the Gold Coast & heading to Longreach Qld.

At 0400hrs, we set off on our next leg of the journey! We are making our way towards Longreach. Where we are meeting up with Mick’s’ Aunty who is out at Isisford waiting for us.

With the skies dark, and very little traffic on the motorway as we leave the Gold Coast area. Neither of us can actually believe we are finally back on the road. Leaving the Coast behind us yet again. We are for many reasons both sad and happy, yet great full to be on the road and this time traveling together. We make our way to Dalby once again. Where we pull over for a rest then back into it again motorhome living on the road.

We end up for the day at Mungallala, where we camped at the rest area just out of town (the rest area you can camp for 4hrs, has a dump point, water and toilets!). Here we were lucky enough to find another Motorhome living and camped there for the night. Always like to camp where there is someone else, makes you feel safer. With 653 kms under us for today we did pretty well at driving along, with myself keeping Mick entertained while he was driving.


Motorhome living On The Road

0240 hrs once again wemotorhome living truck are up and on the road early. As you may of noticed we do like to drive early in the morning.  When we have a fixed destination. The both of us have always driven at odd times of the day. And we both know that if you can you should drive whilst not as many cars on the road. Though only thing is we do miss out on, is the scenic views when driving in the dark. But when you’re awake and have somewhere to go, you drive!

With dawn breaking we can see that it isn’t going to be a great weather day. That and the fact I am always checking out the weather, of where we are headed. And we know that we are headed right into some good rainfall. And a great chance that roads will be cut off. So with this in play. We just take our time driving and having a laugh and a sing as we go! Today we only drove 340 kms. To just south of Blackall.

Motorhome Living Rest Stop

We pulled over into a rest stop where there was 3 caravans motorhome living. Not the best weather to be driving in, so off the road we come.

The sky getting grey and the rain coming down so fast, we were best parked on high ground keeping safe.

So really not an exciting day on the road, and not much distance driven since we left Mungallala but safety first!

I manage to get a walk in with Charlie in between the rain. Then we settle down for a quiet night inside. The poor boy has had to adjust to traveling in the Swaggy with both of us now. It will take him some time as he is so used to jumping in the Black Pearl with me. But now we both are getting used to motorhome living and riding in our home.

Went to sleep listening to the sound of rain. And of course have woken to the sound of rain.

Rain And Floods Set In:

The area needs rain. But I feel if only it was broken into smaller amounts at a time. It would be better for all. The rivers are on the rise, and what was dirt, is now just mud that you can easily sink into. A quiet day off the roads motorhome living. We are just off the highway, I can hear and see everything that drives past. 90% of what I do see is either trucks or caravans. They would be trying to get as far as they can before the rivers rise much more. As lots of roads are flooded already.motorhome living on the road full time blackall

After lunch we decide to head into town and find somewhere to set up camp. The whole 10kms into Blackall we go. Where we find is like motorhome living Centro. Wow so this is where all that I saw drive past got to. Though the actual campgrounds here are all boggy and mud. Everyone has set up at the rest area near the bridge to Isisford. The area is on high ground so if the river does flood we will be safe.

Now we are here safe and well, we find out that Aunty is bogged in at Isisford. And won’t be going anywhere till the end of the week. So we are here for the duration.


Down Time

Lucky Charlie, as he will get to mingle with other dogs on his walks, and check out all the local scene. Plenty of walks and talks with all those who are set up here at Blackall.

A few photos have been taken of the rising river levels. Which I’m sure Mick will post for us. That’s right Mick posts the stuff on the website while me, Cat posts to social media. Takes the photos and videos. And yes writes most of this stuff you read, with Mick proof reading, editing and fixing up things so it’s better for website stuff.

A great team effort here at RV Living Australia, without one the other can’t work. So together we join and make a great team. In the process, we work, travel, laugh, cry, play and love together. Differences are had but all in all a brilliant team we make.


Blackall Free Camping

Blackall…. We are still here! And tonight is the 2nd State of Origin rugby league game. That motorhome living blackallhas been most of the chatter amongst the other campers and the locals. Though we have spent most of the day working on the website. Well Mick has, he spent 10 hours working today while I’ve been, well social media-ring writing blogs, doing house chores and running around doing woman’s work! OK don’t shoot me. For saying that. Yes I am somewhat traditional and some stuff is mine to do. While other stuff is Mick’s to do in the chores and the running of the Swagman motorhome.

The sun has been out for the past 2 days, and oh boy it has been nice. We have seen many travelers come and go from town so far. But yes just like us there are those who are staying a bit longer. The nights do get rather chilly out here, not that we mind. Great snuggle weather and Charlie keeps our feet nice and toasty! From all accounts we should be here till Friday. Then fingers crossed we can make our way motorhome living on the road again!

Free Camping Comforts

We have been happily surprised that Mick has been able to use the desktop computer. From the inverter not bad when we are free camping! Oh but even better I can use my hair straightener on the inverter as well!!!! Very important I must say, I thought we would have to use the generator whenever I needed to straighten my hair. But I don’t have to. Oh it’s the little things that now can make us excited 🙂

Charlie and myself just got back from our evening walk. I can see me shedding some more kilos at this rate. We saw for the first time this week that the road we were planning traveling on is open with caution! Though all other roads around it are for 4wd only. So realistically I think we will let the roads dry out a bit more before we head off. Well I hope so. Will discuss this with Mick when he wakes up from a nana nap. 10 hours working on the computer is very draining. So till then I’m going to go organise the photos I’ve taken in the past few days and make files so they are easier to find!

Motorhome Living Work, Rest And Play

Ok so we are at Saturday again. Hasn’t the week just flown by? It sure has for us. The last few days we have been working long hours with behind the scenes website stuff. Working on YouTube videos and setting things up so it becomes easier to upload blogs and vlogs. Mick has worked himself to exhaustion. So today has been a day of rest.

full time motorhome livingBy the looks of things we may move off from Blackall tomorrow. Travel to Ilfracombe which is about 187 kms north west of here. Almost taking us to Longreach.

Waking up to a rather windy day added to the reason of it being a rest day. That and the temps are just way too chilly! Even Charlie had his pjs on last night and will again tonight.

There are still a few motorhomes and caravans pulling in here to Blackall, it is a popular stop; I think the free hot showers have something to do with it. We all like a really long (more than 2 minutes) shower. And with the bore water many outback towns have free showers.

The 2 things that we do before leaving a town is to fill up water, and utilize the dump point!

After what was the coldest night I’ve had in about 5 years! It dropped to 4.5° at 0200 this morning….. The sun is now out and trying to warm things up a bit. Well the time has arrived. After a week based at Blackall we are finally moving onwards!

Hitting The Road

We pack up & get Swaggy into driving mode from motorhome living mode. There is a few things that must be done to get road ready. Then fill up with water,  empty at dump point and away we go ☺ back on the road getting closer to Longreach Qld.

Our first stop and where we were going to stay the night was Barcaldine. Which we discovered is a great town full of history. We both enjoyed it here. Reading about the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ was interesting – see attached photos to this blog to read all about it!

Then though as it was still rather early. We end up traveling to Ilfracombe. Which was the new meeting point,  once our fellow travellers can get out of Isisford.

Day Break

Woken early by the wind…. man I could do with a sleep in!

We had a little rain late last night which has us worried as to when the others can get out of Isisford.

Grey clouds fill the morning sky and with the wind,  it most certainly is a curl up in bed morning. But sadly for me once I’m up that’s it.  So instead I’m warming up with a coffee and have blanket wrapped around my legs. As I sit on lounge writing and catching up on blog work.motorhome living in the rain

Drinking bore water, not something I thought I’d do. But we filtered it going in. And I’m boiling it well for coffee.  I’m hoping that will be fine!

We ate dinner at the pub in town last night. Only really so we can say we ate in the pub. That was completely pulled down in one town and moved to its current location. Where it was the first building in town. Awaiting the rail line to be built! Great foresight of the owner way back then.


In Closing:

Motorhome living on the road full time in Australia. Certainly has its trials and tributes. But indeed the pluses far outway the negatives.

Coming from two people whom previously had hardly spent a day in their lives camping. You can take it from us that the experience is mind blowing.

The reduced cost of living. And the freedom are two of the biggest advantages.

Remember folks, Stop existing and start living.

We would love to hear about your motorhome living experiences.

What would you say are the benefits?

Are you thinking of selling up and motorhome living full time?

Ask us a question, we are only to happy to assist.



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