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Motorhome Living Australia Onwards and westbound!

Today we head out west to a town called Cunnamulla, which I must say i had never heard of before. Though there are many places i have never heard of.
Each small town we go to while motorhome living Australia were once a busy area thriving in days gone by. And so much history everywhere we look. Motorhome Living Australia Cunnamulla Fella
The drive out was breathtaking, in so many ways, and so heartbreakingly sad. As a traveler I see the red dust, and think it’s beautiful but the reality is it means no rain, no feed, no livestock, no income, and very hard times for those on the land.. Plenty of dead animals along the side of the road on this trip, I lost count of how many dead Roos and bores we saw. The empty paddocks for as far as you could see.

We do live in an amazingly harsh land.

Motorhome Living Australia

Well into town we rolled, with many photo stops for Charlie and I along the way. We were the last vehicle in the convoy.

So I could pull over take pics and catch back up to the group fast.

Poor Charlie isn’t liking all the burrs on the ground. He has soft paws.
Of course not having any idea of what we were rolling into, I was Saddened again by seeing a once thriving township with so many businesses shut down. And the Main Street mostly filled with empty shops.

We camped at the back of Cunnamulla hotel. One of five pubs in town. Cunnamulla hotel allow free Motorhome living and camping at the back of the hotel.

Obviously it goes without saying to show your gratitude by purchasing a meal at the pub or just sit back relax with a few coldies and a game of pool.

A meal at the pub, and the use of a washing machine was most certainly nice.

Cunnamulla SightseeingMotorhome Living Australia Living In A Motorhome Permanently Australia robbers tree

With time taken to walk around town, and checking out the visitor information centre. We can’t miss the huge statue of the Cunnamulla fella.

The story behind the Cunnamulla fella, is that of the young blokes, that came to town on a friday and saturday nights. When the town was thriving in the early sixties due to the wool industry.

They would come to town to let their hair down and be a typical Aussie larrikin bloke.

Mick & I go for a drive around exploring. We head out to check out the Cunnamulla robbers tree. The Cunnamulla robbers tree has been standing since pre 1880.

This is the landmark where Bank robber, the infamous Joseph Wells was captured.

Onto Cunnamulla railway station we go. This historic landmark has been opened since 1898 and is one of only three covered railway platforms left in Queensland.

These days the railway line is serviced only by freight trains.

IN ClosingCunnamulla Railway Station Motorhome living Australia

All in all we had a great time visiting Cunnamulla. Motorhome living Australia certainly has its perks.

We are both exhausted from checking things out. But what really was the issue was we were both missing family back on the Gold Coast. So we planned to head back for a quick trip. Be that as it may maybe two weeks at the most. At the same time getting Swaggy booked in to get a few modifications done. No one knows of this plan of ours! So we go to sleep planning our departure from out west and heading back to the Coast. For a surprise visit.

Have you been to see Cunnamulla?

Tell us about your experience in this historical town.

Do you know of any other great little towns that are a must to visit, whilst motorhome living Australia.


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