Hervey Bay Adventure

After 2 nights at Maryborough Showground we make our way to Hervey Bay, for our Hervey Bay Adventure. Where we discover is caravan and motorhome central!

Obviously a top spot for tourists. We are here to work, but always make time for a fun Hervey Bay Adventure.

Charlie was spoilt with TLC from our host children and I got to go on a bike ride down the pier, I haven’t rode a bike for 2 years, got to say I loved it, and love the bike tracks around, makes it so much better for families to ride together safely. So many young children out on their bikes so good to see.

Hervey Bay Adventure

Early morning walk down to the beach for myself and Charlie, and a dip in the ocean which he loved.
A week of working building a website and a few delicious home cooked dinners by our host, and have to say a few nice cold drinks. And conversations that will be remembered by all.Charlie On Hervey Bay Adventure

Our time here has almost come to an end, but 1 last thing which for me driving in the car is important and a necessary for me is a uhf radio installed into the Black Pearl. So even when i have no phone service I can always be in contact, and call for help if needed when driving in the outback, it sure beats the little hand-held one I had which only worked when I wasn’t driving! But it still has its uses.


I can use it when helping Mick navigate around tricky places when reversing and visibility isn’t that great and to take on walks with Charlie while someone is at camp. Even though we as yet haven’t got to the outback I’m thinking ahead of ways to stay safe while we go on walks, never know when an accident could occur and being able to communicate to anyone is highly important, for this reason also we always let someone back home know our itinerary and let them know when we are going to be without phone or internet service.

Now that I’ve digressed a little ill get back on track, with this.

Hervey Bay Stop N Shop

The ‘Stop and Shop’ concept is an ideal way to encourage consumers to stop within CBD areas and to explore and support local businesses.

As part of the Stop and Shop concept. Council requires the consumer to spend a minimum of $10 at a local business and show their receipt at the Visitor Information Centre. To get a ‘Stop and Shop’ voucher to stay for 20 hours in the designated long parking areas.

Visitors who use the ‘Stop and Shop’ sites need to be self-contained (shower/toilet).

Three (3) sites are working at the Hervey Bay Visitor Information Centre, Maryborough/Hervey Bay Road.

Four (4) parking sites have now been established in the Maryborough CBD. At the rear of Alan and June Brown Car park.

Let us know your thought’s on the stop and shop concept.

Do you think more councils should adopt this concept?

Is 20 hours enough?

Hervey Bay Visitor Information Centre

227 Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road, Hervey Bay 4655, QLD
1800 811 72

Well that’s it for us this time around in Hervey Bay. Mainly a working visit, but still some good fun times had by all. We will certainly be back sometime in the future.

All set to head off from Hervey Bay and slowly make our way to St George QLD.
Goodbye sea breeze once again, hello soon to red dust!!



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