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Well on this leg of full time RV living. We  have finally arrived at Longreach:) yippy yippy yay.

It has felt like forever since we left the Gold Coast and started full time RV living and making our way here. Though as you can tell from our previous posts we have had an enjoyable time along the way.full time rv living

After spending the night at Ilfracombe. And checking out the ‘Mile of Machinery’ there before we left. Seriously it was amazing! Check out the travel gallery for some of the pictures taken.

We had as always a fun drive into Longreach. And we decided on a rest area to start with. As we had things to do in town in the morning.

I don’t know what I expected but arriving here wasn’t quite what I thought. But who cares because we are going to have a great time.


A busy day spent at the laundromat, we head out through town to our camping spot for the night. We planned on working lots on this. But we couldn’t as our travel buddies who had been flooded in at Isisford found us and surprised us! It had been about 7 weeks since we have been together. So lots to catch up on.


Full Time RV Living Australia

Saturday 2nd July 2016.

Wow so a few days have past since I’ve been on here. Oops but it’s because we have been working out and planning what we are doing. Always fun to do! Plus we have been working on our YouTube channel. And my (Cat) interesting vlogs. Well ok so we are booked next week too do tours and such, can’t wait! Lots of photos will be taken.

We have also taken this time to think and work out a few things and clear the mind. And it’s a beautiful place here at Apex park Longreach to do just that. The weather has been perfect almost. Except for a bit of a chilly breeze, but the days have been sunny!

Tonight we are yet again working on the site and social media stuff. Though I’m starting to get tired. So I’m calling it a night. And I’ll catch up with you all in the next day or two.

Sunday 3rd July 2016

Another chilly night, seriously what happened to sunny and warm Qld? The sun is peering through the clouds this morning, and lucky enough to charge the solar panels! We are fully self contained and set up for free camping. And so far so good. There has always been enough solar charge to keep the batteries going strong.

I’ve (Cat) have decided that today is going to be a pamper afternoon for me.😉 With a foot soak and do my nails and rehydrate my skin. Yes of cause there is always a way for a girl to still pamper herself. While living in a motorhome traveling around.

I’ll also be doing another ‘Keep’n it Real’ Vlog this afternoon.  So make sure you go find us on YouTube. I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Full Time RV Living Tours:

Time has flown by, it’s now another week been and gone! Its Monday 11th July already!

What a busy week it has been. Jump over to the travel gallery page to see loads of pics from the past week.

full time rv living australiaMonday was not that exciting, I had to go have blood tests done. Followed by Tuesday, which was our “Starlight’s Cruise on the Thomson River” by Kinnon & Co. Campfire dinner, bush poetry. Starlight’s Sound & light picture show. paddlewheeler down the river on sunset! A beautiful night was had by all. And yes we learnt more about Captain Starlight.

Wednesday we went back in time and enjoyed a Cobb & Co Stagecoach ride. A traditional smoko, an amazing performance from the two Kinnon boys. In Harry Redford old time tent show! Best laugh we’ve had in a long time!

Then Thursday we started at Australian Stockman’s Hall Of Fame. Which included a fantastic Stockman’s show. Which we loved and we got a selfie with a 1.1 tonne bull named Jigsaw. Then a stroll around the museum, then a walk across the road to the QANTAS founders museum. Which includes a walk through of a Boeing 747 and 707. See gallery for many photos of these!

In Closing:

After all of this we were exhausted!  A fantastic time was had.  Truly Longreach you turned out better than I first thought! A cute old town with so much to see and learn.

Plus an excellent low cost camping set up at Apex Park. Just 3kms out of town.

It was a hive of people coming and going.  A great place to stay.

Have you been to visit Longreach?

What were your thoughts?

What tours did you take there and what were your thoughts?

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