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Billabong Adventure

 I was right, we did gets loads of work done, and we did some running around and sorted a few more things with Swaggy. Still getting everything just right in our home on wheels. Not really any sightseeing done this time round in Mount Isa, there is always next time. We wake one morning and just go. Yes it’s time to move on and get closer to Northern Territory. We are headed for free camping Camooweal.




The last town on the Barkly Hwy before the 12 km drive to the Queensland / Northern Territory border.

Free camping Camooweal picture of beautiful lilypadAs our excitement grows, never having been in NT before, we have one last stopover in Qld. And by golly gosh this little town is most definitely worth visiting if you need some r&r time.

After working our brains to a frizzle at Mount Isa this place is just what the doctor ordered.

We head on out to the billabong, a free campsite we found on wikicamps. Though at first I had my doubts when I saw the road into here, but Swaggy and Mick got us in slowly.

There are 2 billabongs here, and as we found out most people just go to the first one, but due to there being heaps of RV’s there we go to the second one. Not as many people camped here. I’d say that’s because of the road! A bit tricky in places and a, very slow drive but certainly worth it.

Free Camping Camooweal


Lilypads, never have I seen so many nor did I realise just how beautiful they are. This one in the picture was a lone soldier. So I had to take a photo.

Pelicans… Really I think I’ve now seen more inland than I did living on the coast!

The water, the bird life, the tranquility of this area. With the number of people camped here you would think it would be noisy, but no. It’s whisper quiet. Everyone here is so respectful of the beauty around them. That no one makes any sound. We almost hate to ruin the peace by driving and parking!

This is one of those places where really words can’t explain or describe and sadly my camera doesn’t do  it justice, but it sure does try. Over in the gallery page and on our Facebook page are photos of here, go over and have a, look. You’ll be glad.
We step out and just bam!, the energy of this place overrides everything else and you instantly feel at ease, and restful.


Does looking at nature photos relax you? Do you get lost within them?

Camooweal Billabong

Free camping Camooweal Billabong

Everyone is so happy here, it’s like another world for the RVers no matter where they have come from, it seems that all are in ore of what’s around us here.

Now I’ve already warned you that I love sunsets and sunrises. And I have to say that a sunset over a billabong. Is one of the most perfect things in life I’ve experienced.

Free camping Camooweal. A billabong, who would’ve thought that this amazing place exists just off the state border!  Personally I haven’t seen birdlife like this before. It’s really opening my eyes to the wonders of our backyard. In addition we are fortunate enough to be traveling at a great time. Because of the rains that have been received. Not only because we are seeing green new growth. Also we get to see birdlife that hadn’t been here for years. Again it seems we really did choose a great time to see this part  of Australia.


Leaving Queensland


Well it’s sad but our time here free camping Camooweal. Has come to an end. It’s now time we say goodbye Queensland and hello Northern Territory.

With the excitement of the unknown building within us. There are the few things we must do before we set off from somewhere and make tracks. Dump point here we come! And whilst I’m dumping. Mick jumps under the Swaggy and adjusts the fan belt. And has a good look at things from underneath. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Fan belt adjusted successfully. We start up and drive 12kms. Leaving Queensland  behind us at long last. Of Course we are really excited . Wow this is something else, and I guess we are really in the outback now!

IN Closing

Over the past few months I’ve looked forward to this moment, leaving Queensland.  So many mixed emotions. I am filled with. Now that this is almost upon us. This is really it! We are really truly doing this. We are RV Living around Australia. What once was a joke. Has now settled in to our life, our passion, our story. Cat, Mick and Charlie with our trusty beast Swaggy.


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