Free Camping Bollon

Breaking The Road Trip Rules

Well today on our way to free camping bollon. Many of our travel rules were broken…

We have 2 cars and 2 RVs’ traveling together. But we separated with the ladies in the cars going ahead so they could stoop over at St George on the way to Bollon for supplies. With us all thinking we would meet up along the road trip from St George to Bollon.

Unfortunately no that didn’t happen, and no phone signal. And CB/UHF radio reception wasn’t good. So we all had no way of contacting the other group. By gosh I’m not going through this again. Having no idea of where the Boys were us girls headed out of St George heading into the sunset!

NEVER drive into the sunset, so many Kangaroos on the road. So I was lead car traveling slowly being mindful of Kangaroos, goats, wild pigs and the sun. It was the worst trip I’ve done. All the time hopeful to see Swaggy pulled over waiting, or to hear from Mick, but couldn’t.  Luckily I knew where we were headed, free camping Bollon Campground.


Free Camping BollonFree Camping Bollon


Finally us girls arrived at Bollon, where the kettle was on. Must say we were all glad to see each other.

It is again so peaceful here, even with lots of fellow travelers camped here.

Free camping Bollon is a beautiful river side camp, with a walking track into town which is only 500 meters or so. There is a toilet here which is cleaned every day by Bollon council. There is loads of room for free camping, easy access for big rigs, fifth wheelers and the likes. Also there is water available to top up those all important water tanks. One tap located in the campground itself and another upon entry next to the fire station. In fact this is also where the dump point is located.


Bollon Township


In town there isn’t much but what they have is perfect. there is a pub, a lone pub but beautiful old and solid. The town has free hot showers, bore water but heck who cares! I’m so having one. A nice shower where it can last for more than 2 minutes! Don’t care about the smell of the water, which was not bad at all i must say. Just the fact that all the travellers and anyone passing through can have a shower is awesome. We later saw many truckies pulled over at night go order dinner at the pub, then cross the road for a hot shower!

The town also has exercise equipment along the walkway which is a bit of fun! Which is located behind an interesting little museum. Which was informative on the history of Bollon and the Bollon Shire. Entry was only a gold coin donation. There is a cute little cafe opposite the museum, which also features a nice display of times gone by.


In Closing


We must say we thoroughly enjoyed free camping Bollon. It is a tribute to the locals and the Bollon Shire Council as to how welcoming and well thought out the campgrounds are.

The township is well worth a look and stop over during your travels.

Have you ever camped here at Bollon?

Tell us about your experience here at Bollon.

For more information on Bollon and the surrounds visit here.

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