Free Camping Australia

Up and into Longreach we go. To stock up on supplies, fill up with water, empty the toilet and head on out to ‘Dinosaur Country’ Winton… Only 180kms west of Longreach. But it’s heading out west now 😉 Getting excited now, as we really get settled into this free camping Australia adventure of ours.

Free Camping Australia

Beautiful scenic views. And even spotted some cattle grazing along the way.

We are free camping Australia at Mistake Creek. Just out of Winton. just one other RV set up here when we arrived. And lol it was campers that we met at Longreach! It was nice to see familiar faces. After a quick catch up. We set about getting ourselves organised for a few, beautifully quiet days and nights while here.

The river is flowing and is just beautiful to see. Birds are plentiful around here at the moment.Free Camping Australia Mistake Creek

We needed this break, away from people and noise. So love  the sound of nature. And we just love free camping Australia and being able to star gaze at night. (No bright city lights to get in the way!)

Whilst here we get visits from some friendly local cattle! Seriously they are adorable 😀. Check over on our RV Vlog page for a video with them! They joined me for my morning coffee!

What’s the most relaxing  part off free camping Australia/ traveling around Australia that you  find? I think for myself (Cat), it’s the open spaces and clear views – no buildings getting in the way, oh and the fresh air, and those beautiful starry nights!

After a relaxing few nights here at Mistake Creek we pack up and start making our way to Boulia.  Where we will be for the 20th anniversary of the Camel Races there.


Free camping Australia delights

Along our drive we pull into a rest stop. WOW we are both blown away. It looks like nothing from the road. But as you drive into the back of Poddy Creek rest area. The scenic views are truly amazing. SeriouslySunrise Poddy Creek Free Camping Australia you really need to go find these little gems. That are tucked away on the sides of the roads. In the middle of nowhere. We weren’t the only campers here at Poddy Creek for the night. I think there ended up being about 6 of us RV’s set up. We all are out taking photos of the sunset. And enjoying the views. Though only 2 of us were up pre sunrise to capture it as daybreak unfolds before us.

Sometimes I am amazed of how others don’t enjoy sunrise. For me it’s a blessing. Heck I’m still around to enjoy them. So we try and make the most of them. And appreciate them for what they are. The beginning of a new adventure.

Well we truly didn’t want to leave. But a lovely fellow RVer has informed us of a lookout to call into after we drive through Middletown. Saying “if you think the views here at Poddy Creek are good, wait till you see around this lookout. It’s like John Wayne country!” We are now excited to go see for ourselves, plus we are getting closer to Boulia. Our next major destination!

As per the norm, we make our driving journeys as entertaining as we can. click over to our YouTube channel. To see just some of the things we do to keep ourselves going!


Following advice from fellow travelers!


Peaceful and slightly grey clouds are around us as we drive through Middletown. Thus we decided not to stop. As we know that it boggs fast here. And with the weight of Swaggy we don’t want to risk it. So we head to Cawnpore Lookout. 50kms west of Middletown heading to Boulia.

Breathtakingly, exquisitely majestic landscape. Oh and the history of the area. This is most definitely one hidden treasure of our landscape. That needs to be seen by more people; Although it was incredibly windy and rainy we have never felt so at peace. This is what we refer to as ‘The Grand Canyon of Australia’

The age, the definition of the land, the history this holds, the colours, the presence of being you feel when you sit and let it soak in. Really we could of stayed for hours. In fact we did sit in the wind. And the rain for about an hour. Just enjoying what our eyes were seeing and what our souls were feeling.

Breathtaking History

90- 95 million years ago. This landscape was a river roughly the size of the ‘Amazon and mississippi River USA’ where it was abundant with life. It was another world here many years ago.

There is a special feeling here. It’s one I can’t, though I’ve tried to put into words. I don’t feel they do this area, and what we are seeing any justice.

The words “if only this land could talk, oh the stories she could tell!”Free Camping Australia Cawnpore Lookout

Time to head out of the wind and rain back to Swaggy. For a nice hot coffee.  Dry clothes and lunch.. Though we start to get ready to move on out as we see the rain settling in. Neither of us were in a hurry to drive away from here. There is just something special about Cawnpore Lookout.

Discovering places like Cawnpore Lookout & Poddy Creek, this is what our adventures of free camping Australia and Living on the road is all about.  Being  able to share these amazing finds with you is what we want to do. Sadly we know that not everyone can get out and see first hand these places. So through our words and footage we share with you.



Boulia, here we come!


As hard as it was to drive away from the views. We now make our way to Boulia for their 20th anniversary of Camel Races. Never having seen a camel race before. So we are looking forward to it. Also we are setting up our market stall there. So fingers crossed the weather will improve!

The drive to Boulia was as per us, entertaining to say the least. We haven’t yet tired of the landscape that surrounds us as we drive. And the birdlife, mostly hawks & eagles give us plenty to watch as well.

On our arrival at Boulia we take a quick tour around town. It is a small town of about 600 people. Maybe the ‘Min Min’ lights have something to do with this!!!

It’s a small town but it has the essential services. Fuel and food! With a tourist information center and interesting history.

We fill up as we hit town. We’ve heard that some small towns can and do run out of fuel when 100’s of people come to town. And not wanting to run short is always good too top up!


So many RVers


We head out to the race track grounds which is where the races will be held plus where the campers can set up, OMG there are already so many rvers here its not funny. With still days before the races we never expected to see so many already there set up. Many of these head come from the Birdsville races. Following the camel races is obviously what allot of nomads do!

The local council supply free firewood out to the camp grounds daily! WOW what a great council community to do this. It’s so dam cold here with grey ominous clouds overhead, yes more rain is coming. Being careful of the ground we park on, we finally find somewhere to park and set up our camp.

Charlie very keen on getting out of Swaggy and going for a, walk to check it all out!


Let the camels run!


Races are held over 2 days, and well the weather isn’t looking that grand. But the atmosphere here is filled with excitement. As the crowds grow. Due to the ominous weather crowds are maybe not what they could have been. But heck those here are sure to have a great few days of races, entertainment and markets. Oh and fireworks. Couldn’t get over the size of the fireworks display. Truly a fantastic job by those who organised this event.

Free camping australia camel racesI’ve never thought to much about camels before now. But after seeing them up close. And just watching them. I really see what lovely animals they are.

I truly am amazed at just how fast they can run! Oh plus the cheeky personalities that they have. Over on our YouTube channel and in our gallery are more pictures and videos. Go check them out and let us know what you think of camels.

Such a funny site I must say seeing these camels race, even when one turns around and then runs the wrong way around the track!

Not only did we get to enjoy the race meet, be there for the 20th anniversary. But also we were there to witness new records being set, then broken! Obviously a few camels liked the grey clouds and threat of rain!

Goodbye Boulia


Funny thing is we came here to watch the camel races not long after the announcement that greyhound racing is being banned in some states as of next year, now yes I am very aware of why this is happening, but it makes me think… How long will out be till camel and horse races will follow suit? Why do I think thus, well every jockey uses a whip, or at least has one to use if needed. Now isn’t striking an animal to get it to run faster in a race a kind of assault  against the animal?

What are your views about this?



Races are over, and the campers set off. With many trying to get through roads and towns before they flood again! Though there were a good amount who decided not to rush off and we were one of these. What’s the point of rushing off and being on the road when we were aware that all roads out of Boulia would be busy. Yes even though it had started to rain, and we saw some rvers get bogged. We weren’t in a rush to leave. As we think “ we are here to enjoy our time on the road”. Better staying on somewhat solid ground then taking on the roads out there!” Many roads are single lane. So if we have to pull over for a truck or  a road train then we would most likely get stuck.


Mount Isa – Way out west!


After a few more days  we make tracks and head out to make our way to Mount Isa. Keeping in mind we have a few things to do before we leave any town – toilet dump, fill up with water, re stock essential foods coffee milk bread puppy food etc.

What are your must haves when traveling? Seriously we need coffee and movie snacks!


So after about an hour or so off running about. We are off. We plan for a coffee stop at Peak Creek Bore. Approximately 65kms from Boulia heading along the way to Mount Isa. When we pull up here we think about setting up camp for the night. But then after a walk and a few photos taken we decide to keep right on going. At this stage we now aim for Dajarra. And will reassess things then. Driving along and all going well, enjoying the scenic views, and the discussions about what we are seeing, the history and beauty we keep on driving through Dajarra. With the plan now. Is that we will reach Mount Isa tonight!

Mount Isa Has Mountains?


….ok folks, I hate to say this. But seriously I had no idea of the beautiful mountains that lead into Mount Isa and surrounds. Der blonde moment from me. But it’s sad but true. And this got us thinking. Why don’t we or more so now the kids in school learn more about our own history and geography? We have learnt so much in such a short amount of time on the road already. Why isn’t our backyard worthy of more discussions at school.


Driving along the road and bam out of nowhere these lights appear! Hello Mount Isa. Because we were so focused on the views and the landscape. We turned a bend and shining right at us were bright lights. Now for my great gps skills (lol). To find us and send us somewhere to camp for the night. Thankfully though we had a savior. We had pulled over to have a look on the maps. And a cyclist came past and offered help! YES THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE LIKE THIS OUT THERE. She gave us directions to a nice big truck stop. On the other side of town, once we said we prefer free camping Australia / Bush camp. So off we went, and there we stayed free camping Australia, for a few days whist in Mount Isa.

Mount Isa

First important thing Free camping Australia sunsetwe do in town is find a laundromat. As the one at Boulia wasn’t fully working. No dryer working so it was pointless with the weather for us to wash there. So a pleasant 4 hours spent here. With a trip to the shops and Mick and Charlie went to get a chip in the windscreen fixed. So a very productive time for us all.

Now don’t be fooled when I say we are free camping Australia at truck stops. We move well out of the way of the trucks. But also by virtue of actually being a truck, we can sleep there. We never intrude nor have we had any problems thus far. And we nearly always have another RV or 2 pull in throughout the night as well.  The location of so many of these stops are in beautiful scenic areas. And though this was near the airport. It offered an amazing chance to get a video of a plane landing at night. And some gorgeous sunset photos as well. Plus it gave me space to practice with my mic and selfie stick. To make my free camping Australia videos a bit better for you to watch!

In Closing

With great internet signal. We make the most of catching up on our, on line work. As we hadn’t been able to do that much up till now. Because I’m sure the next few days will be filled with catching up on work stuff. It is amazing how inspired we have become. To not only discover more of our backyard and learn it’s history. But we have become far more focused on our work. Maybe it is the fresh air. Who knows. Well time to get back to work, catch up again soon. When we move on to the next little gem we find, free camping Australia.

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