Buying Selling Motorhome

January / February 2016…. Oh my who would have thought we would be buying selling Motorhome.

Well the new year is here and that means it’s almost time for Mick, Charlie and myself to hit the road. The house sold and settles on the 21st, so we are busy packing and sorting through the last few things.
LTB motorhome is all set. New air conditioning and vent fans done, full service done. Think we are ready to hit the road soon – just have to wait till a few birthdays are over then off we go!

Buying Selling Motorhome

Well it’s now late into the month and oh my golly Mick has just thrown a spanner into the mix. About buying selling motorhome. At the start of our searching we went to look at a Swagman but it wasn’t there.

Well guess what? It is back up for sale. So yes you guessed it off we go for a drive to have a look at her. Now I can hear you say why? You already have a motorhome and have just got it all setup ready for the trip. But I have to say it’s a Swagman… They are beautifully built and this one has low kms and is a real steal in price.

Swagman Day trip


Day trip to look at the Swagman, and oh my she is beautiful!
I think we both fell in love with her. 15 years old but you wouldn’t think so. Interior is perfect, the sellers are her original owners who have taken such pride in looking after her.
So yes deposit left, but now this has created one major issue, we can’t drive 2 motorhomes so back home to place LTB up for sale. Sad cause we really just got everything the way we wanted but the swaggie does have more room and boy you feel at home the minute you step in side.
February is upon us now and well we’ve moved out of the house and been living in LTB, starting up at Jacob’s Well, while we wait to go pick up new motorhome. Heads up midges are alive and well there, I got so badly attacked by them couldn’t sleep, thank goodness there was a chemist right across the road so I could get some tablets and cream to help.

Selling motorhome


Well we still have LTB Hino for sale, but no real takers, and the countdown is on till we can go pick up the swagman. We move closer up to where we need to be, starting at a free camp site which for our first time was fun and a learning curve, as I’m sure we will have many of those.

5th February and the day has come. We start moving into the new motorhome, sad but after all three weeks spent settling into LTB Hino it took us 2 hours to move everything out of it ready to go start settling into the new motorhome.
We are lucky to have had the sellers let us move into it and keep it at their place till we work out what to do with the Hino.

Honestly buying selling motorhome was the last thing i needed right now.

Seriously there is so much going on in my head right now!

Motorhome Sold


Well we were working out about storing the Hino back on the Gold Coast when by fluke I get a message from someone wanting to buy the Hino. And by chance they were only 5 minutes down the road from where we were so back to free camping in an empty motorhome and go see this couple first thing. Fingers crossed!!!

Yay! The people bought the Hino! How lucky was that. So we drop her off then go to pick up the new home!

So you know that feeling when you’re so excited then suddenly the penny drops. You are homeless even though you have a home.
Ok yes we are new to this, so I’m sure many of you have felt the same. I was on such a high after picking up our new home, but where to now? We sold our home we have no fixed address anymore, OH my golly WE ARE NOMADS! Sad and exciting all at once. This is it, this is our life now.

Going back to the Gold Coast was what we needed to do for a few days, to say some see you laters, and finish off a few things.
The adventures are just about to begin…

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